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Symbol of  The  University’s Authority  - Keris  Panjang

Keris Panjang is said to be of the highest stature amongst the groups of keris. Keris Panjang is only used by kings and royal court officials. This type of keris issometimes known as Keris Bahari, Keris Sumatera, Keris Darjat , Keris Melela or Keris Sapukal which is determined by its blade, handle and cover. The blade of this type of keris is usually straight and sharp pointed. It is also known as Keris Terapang or Keris Terapang Gabus when its cover is gold plated.

The blade of UTeM Keris Panjang is made of steel and is said to be 200 years old and originated from Pagar Ruyong, Sumatera. It was last seen in Pattani. The handle and the cover of the keris are made of silver and platinum plated cengal. It is engraved with bunga kesidang (UTeM’s official flower) motif. The UTeM logo is carved on the sampir of the keris. The wording Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka is engraved in Kufi calligraphy on the front side of the cover and in Roman letters on the other side.

The handle of the keris is shaped like a horse shoe and engraved with the verse “Rabbi Zidni Ilma” (Surah Thohaa:114) which denotes “O Allah, grant me knowledge“ across it. On the front side of the cover is a carving of Surah Al-Ala’ verses, which symbolises the University’s determination to acquire knowledge.

Keris is the noble symbol of power and authority of the Malay community. Besides its substantial influence on the Malay custom and culture, it is also a symbol of the admired and respected exquisite Malay craftsmanship. Keris Panjang as the symbol of power of the University is adorned by the Panglima when escorting the Chancellor during the University Convocation.

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