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  1. The logo depicts UTeM as a creative and innovative technical university committed to maintaining a coordinated relationship with our stakeholders
  2. The dominant Q which indicates Quality, is integrated with the logotype ‘UTeM’ on the right.
  3. There are four main components of which together form the unique logo:
    • The platinum coloured corporate ring symbolizes the superior attributes of strength, sophistication and perfection.
    • The creative geometry circle with the colour blue in the inside indicates achievement in every effort undertaken.
    • The white small circle at the centre of the logo symbolizes the Source of knowledge from the Almighty depicting UTeM’s mission in developing highly skilled human resources, knowledge and technology, which benefit the world through knowledge, practice and smart partnerships.
    • The square with nine stripes resembling books symbolizes UTeM’s commitment as an education hub in producing graduates who are equipped with the best technical know-how.
    • The two triangles forming a square with nine stripes symbolizes strategic alliances between university and the industry and community.
    • The logotype ‘UTeM’ enhances university’s branding. The logotype simplifies the university’s full name while still maintaining its corporate identity as the first public technical university.
  4. The logo is a combination of blue, platinum and white.
    • Blue symbolizes tenacity, strength and commitment of the university towards developing highly skilled human resources for the nation.
    • Platinum symbolizes technology of the highest quality, as well as competitiveness, resilience and continuous progress. The neutrality of platinum reflects the practice-oriented, industry – based teaching and learning adopted at UTeM.
    • White symbolizes sincerity, perfection and infinite success.
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