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To Be One of the World's Leading Innovative and Creative Technical Universities


UTeM is determined to lead and contribute to the wellbeing of the country and the world by:

  1. Promoting knowledge through innovative teaching & learning, research and technical scholarship;
  2. Developing professional leaders with impeccable moral values;
  3. Generating sustainable development through smart partnership with the community and industry.


Excellence Through Competency


  1. To conduct academic and professional programmes based on relevant needs of the industries.
  2. To produce graduates with relevant knowledge, technical competency, soft skills, social responsibility and accountability.
  3. To cultivate scientific method, critical thinking, creative and innovative problem solving and autonomy in decision making amongst graduates.
  4. To foster development and innovation activities in collaboration with industries for the prosperity of the Nation.
  5. To equip graduates with leadership and teamwork skills as well as develop communication and life-long learning skills.
  6. To develop technopreneurship and managerial skills amongst graduates.
  7. To instill an appreciation of the arts and cultural values and awareness of healthy life styles amongst graduates.
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